Thursday, September 4, 2008

Helping a Fellow Writer

Some of you have heard/read me gushing about my favorite podcast, Escape Pod. Of the many fine authors to appear there, a couple are semi-regulars. One of my personal favorites, Jeff DeRego, is the author of the "Union Dues", a series of short stories with a take on super-heroes in a real world setting.

I just learned that Jeff had emergency bypass surgery at the end of last week, and that there is a PayPal donation account available for anyone who would like to help the family (details at the Escape Pod site).

I don't have much to offer in the way of cash, but I did what I could, and now I'm asking you all to take a moment to consider helping out, too. This isn't a random plea for charity, as I see it; this is a chance to show the power of our social network, to make a difference and help a friend. If nothing else, I hope you'll follow the links above and check out Escape Pod and the Union Dues stories.

If you can help with some money, fantastic. If you like science fiction (or fantasy... or horror... or superheroes) I think you'll enjoy the stories.

But the best part is, you know if you ever need help from us, we're here.

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