Thursday, April 2, 2009

Letting Things Go

I haven't written anything new in a long, long time.

I was doing pretty well for a while there, but the last year brought some monumental changes to my life, and there has been a lot more happening that I didn't want to talk about than usual. Whenever I sit down any more, rather than a funny (in my opinion) story or cute kid adventure, I have felt more like ranting about politics or expressing something uncomfortable.

If you've been displeased with what I've written lately, just imagine all of the stuff that fell under the sword of the "delete" button, and count your blessings!

So, while I am not making any promises, I do want to try to set aside some time each day to write. When I have something I feel is worth sharing, I will. I'll try to avoid the politics (most of you don't understand what I'm talking about anyway - your words, not mine), and stick to what you and I both enjoy.

Fart jokes!

Until then....

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